Alright!! Time for my first review,the Revoltech Ironman MK VI. Wondering whats a REVOLTECH? Time for a bit of explaining then.

BANDAI ain’t the only pioneers in figures and toys(although they’ve been around the longest,not to mention there’s alot more they’re involved in, such as games, shows etc) but well, there’s a company called KAIYODO, which has a subset called Revoltech. And well thats the department where they focus on making collecter figurines based on anime, mecha shows and sci-fi flicks worldwide(okay primarily japan and usa based shows/movies).

The special thing about REVOLTECH figures are they have these ball joint system throughout the figures, giving them ultimate endless poseability. Even the paint jobs and sculpting are pretty good.

Kaiyodo’s Revoltech department has ventured into making various figures even from international franchises such as Ironman, ALIEN, Batman, Friday the 13th, and even random franchises like Pirates of the Carribean. And yes, even adding more to the randomness… Pixar Studio based characters. That means, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr Incredible and other Pixar characters. Not my cup of tea, but admirable, nonetheless(except that i find toy storys buzz lightyear worth buying, and maybe…woody too (: )

Now im sure we’re all familiar with who’s Ironman, the billionaire playboy philantrophist , Bruce Way-I mean, ahem Tony Stark ,who’s got a condition where his heart is in risk of damage from dangerous shards and the only way to prevent it is by inputting a core reactor which will pull the parts away from heart. (this of course, varies with different versions of the ironman multiverse). For more info, please check out the wiki page

Other than that, what you gotta essentially know is that this figure is based of 2010’s IRON MAN 2 flick.( Which im sure you have all watched, or else, you better before I offer you a ticket off to The Land of Ridiculous Ignorance)

Overall, I think the only thing i didn’t like about this figure is that sometimes it IS DIFFICULT to pose this figure because it has some stability issues.Recommend you better get a stand for easier balancing.
Also… i seriously hate the new triangular core they’ve given IRONMAN MK VI.. I miss the old circular one. The revoltech team should’ve put some fiberglass or something to make it look more real, not paint it flat blue.
The effect parts IMO are decent,nothing too outstanding. I mean, they could’ve given a bit more color and depth for the booster parts but ah well, it is a mass produced figure. Over all,

For the average collecter = 3/5
For an avid Ironman collecter = 4.5/5

Thanks for reading!! Any questions, requests can be posted below!! 🙂


Hey there folks!!!

First of all, lemme introduce myself. Im a currently a 3rd year medical student currently residing in the foreign land of Indonesia (Im from Malaysia btw). Its my first time blogging so yeah, expect some mistakes and “noobity” here and there.  Now , the PRIMARY reason I’ve made this lil blog is to write reviews on action figures, gundam model kits, and other merch related to the entertainment world. Well, specifically… this blog will be directed towards JAPANESE related merch such as…
1) SHF Figuarts/D-arts/Ultra-act  – highly posable awesome action figures directed for adult collecters. mostly related to Kamen Rider, Sentai/Power Rangers, Ultraman .
2 ) GUNPLA – GUNdam PLAstic kits. Assembled, painted and etc 🙂
3)American figures – very scarce of course.
4) aaaaaaaand any other random awesome stuff i wanna post about. maybe anime reviews? Toku reviews? Movies? Games? Ah well. You guys should know the drill.

For some of the options above, you might be quite surprised(or flabbergasted) at how a medical student like me is actually into all this… well news flash for you doubters,  not all us doctors are stereotypes!!
Now Im sure you folks know that being a medical student ain’t easy…its as if we’ve signed a treaty to enslave ourselves,in devotion to all that is related to medicine. So making this blog and writing reviews and stuff is kinda time consuming… so hope y’all get the clear picture that some times updates can be SLOW…

Well thats all for now, enjoy!!!